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A story, a story!!

On swift wing it comes.

6 December 1986
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It's my little writing niche, my paper-&-ink corner, for all of the little inspirations that make me want them.
Well now I have 'em. HUH.


"Believe me, that was a happy age, before the days of architects, before the days of builders."

- Lucius Annaeus Seneca

"the creator, the alchemist"
You achieve balance and integration through the
creative process or by working with the hands;
you have a deep love for your creative
expression which is inspired by your great
perception and emotional insights. You love
truth and beauty for their own sakes. You have
the ability to balance and blend masculine and
feminine, yin and yang, reception and
assertion. Remember that the highest art form
is that of artful relationships.

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